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Inria Mission Covid-19

On 21 March 2020, Inria set up a mission to coordinate the mobilisation of the institute's resources on the fight against Covid-19 and to arbitrate the priority actions to be taken to do so. In the first phase of this Covid-19 mission led by Hugues Berry and Philippe Gesnouin, the mission accompanied the launch of projects in response to identified requests from players in the health crisis (clinicians, hospital staff, epidemiologists, public authorities and patient associations) with the aim of providing operational solutions within a short timeframe. Proposals were examined as they came in and more than thirty projects have started since March 2020. Some of these projects are presented here.

This collection presents the publications related to the Covid-19 mission projects and available in free access on HAL. Numerous works related to the fight against the epidemic have been carried out by the Inria teams outside the framework of the Covid-19 mission. You can consult all the publications of the Inria teams on the subject (Covid-19 mission or not) here.

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