, Conf 3 (D ? 3 and #O W = 0) ? * Conf 3((D = 2 and #O W = 0) or Conf RW-BW

, Conf 3(D ? 3 and #O W = 0)? * Conf 10(D = 2 and #O W = 0)

, Since Conf 9(D ? 2 and #O W = 0)(resp. Conf 10(D ? 2 and #O W = 0)) becomes Conf

#. D-=-2-and, Conf RW-BW, or Conf 9(D = 2 and #O W = 0) (resp. Conf 9(D = 2 and #O W = 0)

, Conf 9(D = 2 and #O W = 0), and Conf 10(D = 2 and #O W = 0) become gathering configurations

, Gathering is solvable in full-light of 4 colors when M init is even and O init is odd. It is an interesting open question whether gathering is solvable or not in full

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