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hal-01117594v1  Conference papers
Francesca FrontiniMohamed Amine BoukhaledJean-Gabriel Ganascia. Linguistic Pattern Extraction and Analysis for Classic French Plays
Journée ConSciLa (Confrontations en Sciences du Langage), Jan 2015, Paris, France
hal-01198413v1  Conference papers
Mohamed-Amine BoukhaledFrancesca FrontiniJean-Gabriel Ganascia. A Peculiarity-based Exploration of Syntactical Patterns: a Computational Study of Stylistics
Workshop on Interactions between Data Mining and Natural Language Processing DMNLP'15 ECML/PKDD 2015 Workshop, Sep 2015, Porto, Portugal. pp.31-40
hal-01395125v1  Conference papers
Francesca FrontiniCarmen Brando EscobarJean-Gabriel Ganascia. REDEN ONLINE: Disambiguation, Linking and Visualisation of References in TEI Digital Editions
Digital Humanities 2016, Jagiellonian University & Pedagogical University, Jul 2016, Kraków, Poland. http://dh2016.adho.org/
hal-01203784v1  Conference papers
Carmen BrandoFrancesca FrontiniJean-Gabriel Ganascia. Disambiguation of Named Entities in Cultural Heritage Texts Using Linked Data Sets
First International Workshop on Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage, SW4CH 2015, Sep 2015, Poitiers, France. pp.505-514, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-23201-0_51⟩
hal-01203358v1  Conference papers
Francesca FrontiniCarmen BrandoJean-Gabriel Ganascia. Semantic Web Based Named Entity Linking for Digital Humanities and Heritage Texts
First International Workshop Semantic Web for Scientific Heritage at the 12th ESWC 2015 Conference, Arnaud Zucker; Isabelle Draelants; Catherine Faron Zucker; Alexandre Monnin, Jun 2015, Portorož, Slovenia
hal-01203356v1  Conference papers
Francesca FrontiniCarmen BrandoJean-Gabriel Ganascia. Domain-adapted named-entity linker using Linked Data
Workshop on NLP Applications: Completing the Puzzle co-located with the 20th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems (NLDB 2015), Jun 2015, Passau, Germany
hal-01198409v1  Conference papers
Mohamed-Amine BoukhaledFrancesca FrontiniJean-Gabriel Ganascia. Une mesure d'intérêt à base de surreprésentation pour l'extraction des motifs syntaxiques stylistiques
22ème Conférence sur le Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles, Jun 2015, Caen, France
hal-01527780v1  Journal articles
Francesca FrontiniMohamed Amine BoukhaledJean Gabriel Ganascia. Mining for characterising patterns in literature using correspondence analysis: an experiment on French novels
Digital Humanities Quarterly, Alliance of Digital Humanities, 2017, Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities 2015, 11 (2)
hal-01832651v1  Book sections
Francesca FrontiniMohamed Amine BoukhaledJean Gabriel GanasciaDominique LegalloisThierry Charnois et al.  Approaching French theatrical characters by syntactical analysis: a study with motifs and correspondence analysis
Grammar of genres and styles. From discrete to non-discrete units, De Gruyter Mouton, pp.118-139, 2018, 978-3-11-058968-9