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Li-ion batteries Effets quantiques nucléaires XPS Phospho-olivines Clusters Silver Nucleation and growth Molecular dynamics Metal/oxide interface Adsorption Nuclear quantum effects Magnetic properties of nanostructures Edgeworth expansion Density functional calculations X-ray diffraction Interfaces Antibacterial activity Raman spectra Iron Water Raman spectroscopy DFT Path integrals Iron compounds Magnetic properties and materials Carbon Nanoparticles EPR Nanostructures Chemical bonding Surface science Ultra-thin films FTIR Photoemission Metals Conduction bands Model catalyst Force field Heterogeneous catalysis Lithium batteries Defects NANOKIN code Structure Phonons Carbon monoxide oxidation Metal-insulator boundaries Computer simulation Numerical simulation studies MgO Olivine ZnO Intercalation compounds Miscibility gap Oxides 7322−f Microstructure Scanning tunneling microscopy Thin films Faceting Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction Cobalt Metal oxide nanoparticles Layered compounds GISAXS FTIR spectroscopy Segregation Out-of-equilibrium dynamic properties Quantum nuclear effects Lithium compounds Intégrales de chemin Magnesium oxide Local structure Ab initio calculations Photoluminescence III-V semiconductors Argent Magnetron sputtering Oxygen Magnetic properties Gold nanoparticles Nanocrystal Magnesium oxides Density functional theory Platinum Lithium-ion batteries Couches minces Monolayers Spinel Solid-state dewetting Grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering Chemisorption Dioxyde de titane Vibrational spectroscopy Iron aluminide Nucleation Quantum thermal bath Lattice dynamics Oxidation Palladium Magnesium compounds