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BAR proteins Caveolin DMyHC Adhesion CAV-3 gene Diaphragm Congenital myopathy Muscle Mechanotransduction Becker muscular dystrophy BMD Alpha-actinin-2 Endocytosis Cell signaling Lamin Antisense oligonucleotides Dynamine Duchenne muscular dystrophy DNM2 Clathrin Allele-specific silencing therapy Cell proliferation AFM Caveolae Duchenne muscular dystrophy DMD Clathrine Adeno-Associated virus Nesprin Actin RNA interference Autophagosome maturation AD-CNM Biophysics Cancer CTL BMP signaling Cellular neuroscience Migration Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Gene therapy Disease modifiers Centronuclear myopathy AAV Cytosquelette Allele specific RNA interference Autophagy Autosomal dominant centronuclear myopathy Adult patients Outflow tract Dynamin overexpression Dynamin 2 Nuclear envelope Caveolins Coeur Cavéoles Biomarkers Cross-bridge kinetics Skeletal muscle Myopathy Correlative microscopy Core myopathy Charcot-Marie-Tooth Cardiomyopathies Cellules de crête neurale Nucleus Domaine LEM Actin nucleus A-type lamins Autophagosome Myopathie Ctdnep1 Myosin Developmental biology Disease heterogeneity Atrial heart defects Cardiotoxin Dystrophie musculaire de Duchenne Dynamin Cell migration Cytoskeleton Allele-specific silencing Muscular dystrophy Atrial cardiac defects Dystrophin ACTN2 Adeno-associated virus Skin Cross-presentation AAV8 Adeno-associated virus vector BAF Allele‐specific silencing therapy Animal models of human disease Dominant centronuclear myopathy Cavins Dullard Dystrophie musculaire d'Emery Dreifuss Developmental myosin heavy chain Neural crest cells Satellite cell Amphiphysin